Wood Working Applications
Wooden furniture manufacturing poses multiple challenges. For example: laminate bonding on plywood needs flexibility in the adhesive bond to handle the expansion and contraction of wood due to continuously changing temperature and relative humidity of the environment. Dewrite Adhesives range of adhesives are skillfully formulated to meet the application challenges in laminating and wood joining applications.

For Pipe Jointing
Use of Pipes is as old as the construction activity itself. With the evolution of technology, the pipe products have undergone an evolution too. For e.g. The use of GI pipes in earlier years has transformed to PVC, CPVC & now UPVC. Super Bond has maintained its pace with the technological change and hence today it offers pipe joining solutions for all of these.

Footwear and Leather
Footwear manufacturing involves dealing with diversity of substrate materials ranging from recycled natural rubber to higher end Polyurethane and Synthetic Fabrics. Obviously, footwear makers today demand effective bonding solutions for all such substrates. Super Bond offers a range of products that cater to all the footwear bonding requirements.

For Automobiles Car Interiors /Bus Body
Critical bonding applications in car and bus body require adhesives with excellent tack, drying and coverage properties. Dewrite Spray/Brush rubber adhesives are fast transforming the way automobiles are built in India.

For Notebooks/Packaging/ Other Paper Converters
Today notebooks and packaging products industry need adhesive grades that are ready-to-use, reduce production time, set quickly, give a clean finish and eliminate fungus. Our range of synthetic paper adhesives fit the scenario.

For Mattresses/Sofa/Chair Other Furniture
Our carefully formulated rubber adhesives are free from harmful odor, give the longest lasting bond and show excellent coverage properties for such applications.

For 3D Lamination (PVC Membrane Doors & Kitchen cabinets)
High-performance Dewrite adhesive for 3D Lamination (PVC Membrane Doors & Kitchen cabinets) working applications

For PVC to Wood/Ply
High-performance Dewrite adhesive for PVC to Wood/Ply working applications

For Wood Coatings on Furniture
High-performance Dewrite adhesive for Wood Coatings on Furniture working applications

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