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1. Composition:- It is Synthetic Rubber/Synthetic resin based adhesives. Specially Designed for Industrial Segment.

2. Physical properties :-

  • Appearance:- Yellowish brown viscous liquid. Specially designed for Industrial Segment,
  • Specific gravity:- 0.84 ± 0.03
  • Thinner:- If require solvents like Toluene, Xylene, Aliphatic Acetates etc.
  • Shelf life:- When stored in original unopened containers at room temperature would not loose its performance properties for a period of 8 to 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Sr. No. Properties Unit Typical Data
1 Appearance ----- Light Yellowish Brown Liquid
2 Viscosity at 30 ºC By Ford Cup B-4 sec 30-35 Sec [Very Thin]
3 Specific Gravity at 30 ºC gm/ml 0.80 ± 0.03
4 % Solids % 36 ± 1%
5 Peel Strength : [After curing 24hrs at ambient temp.] Painted MS to Foam Cloth Kg/ Inch 3.5
6 Diluents /Cleaner ----- Toluene/ Acetone
7 Drying time Minutes 50 Sec [Fast Setting]
8 Track retention time Minutes 30 Min
9 Operating Tempteture ºC -20 to 80
10 Coverage [approx] Per Square Meter 8-10

3. How to use:-

  • 1. Clean both the surfaces; it should be free from dust, grit, Loose Material oil or grease.
  • 2. Apply Adhesive on both the surfaces./ In case highly porous surface it may be necessary to apply, Second coat of adhesive, after allowing first one to dry.
  • 3. Join both the surfaces and apply firm pressure.

4. Advantages:-

  • 1. Very Low Viscosity hence gives better coverage [3-5m2/Per Lit approx.
  • 2. It is easier in application hence increases working speed.
  • 3. Good heat and Water resistance.
  • 4. Higher bond strength and faster setting.
  • 5. Does not contain Harmful “BENZENE” Hence non –hazardous to health.

5. Area of Uses:-

  • 1. Used for bonding rubber/P.U.foam / Footwear / Rubber/Rexine/Leather/Fiber carpenting/rigidPVCsheet/PVC tiles / coir / Canvas and also to plywood and wood in making Sofa / Chair / Mattresses, Painted or unpainted metal. And Many other.
  • 2. Also very suitable for duct insulation [Nitrile rubber to metal] and under deck insulation.

6. Special features:-

  • DEWRITE SR EXCEL:- it is having high NVM 23 ± 1% and high viscosity, hence having high strength and high heat resistance.
  • DEWRITE SR-98 / DEWRITE MP :- it is having NVM 20.5 ±1% and general purpose Adhesive comparatively better strength than other products, of its range
  • SUPREME FAST SR-88:- It is having NVM 18 ±1% economical range product having good tensile strength as well as good output.
  • DEWRITE SPRAY ADEHSIVE: - It is having high NVM 22±1% very low viscosity hence high coverage, 6-8 m2 approx.very good tensile strength. Specially formulated to get speedy production and better coverage and output. It is having better strength than other well known brand adhesives.

7. Packing:- 25 litres, 5 litres, 2 litres, 1 litre, 500ml., 200ml., 100ml.

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